Import Google Blocks files to Vizor Patches

Download a model from Google Blocks.

Download and open the free Blender 3D software and select File > Import > Wavefront (.obj)

Find and import the object you downloaded from Blocks.

After importing your object, select all of it’s parts by pressing A on the keyboard.

Go to File > Export > Wavefront (.obj) and on the bottom left menu enable the following options:

  • Selection only
  • Triangulate Faces
  • Material Groups

Export options

These three options are not enabled by default, and are important for the object to display correctly in Patches.

The object exports into two files with .obj and .mtl file formats. Select both of these files and create a ZIP file of them with WinRAR or another archiving software.

Go to Vizor Patches and open your project or create a new one, and simply drag and drop your ZIP file into the scene.

Drag and drop the zip file to upload it

Now your object should appear in the scene as it looked like in Google Blocks.

Object in Google Blocks
Object in Patches