Make your 3D Objects Grayscale

In today's quick tutorial, we learn how to turn a coloured 3d Object into gray-scale to match our grayscale project.

  1. Launch
  2. Press Duplicate.
  3. Press Tab (switch to Program -mode).
  4. Open Nested Patch Grayscale character.
  5. Select only the Nested Patch Grayscale material.
  6. Press Save Patch.
  7. Save as Grayscale material.

Now you can use this Nested Patch to turn any object into grayscale.

Test this by opening

  1. Press K to see the first scene.
  2. Navigate into and open the Scene 1: Beginning -Nested Patch
  3. Add any object from the Object: Character -list.
  4. Connect the Object to the Scene.
  5. Enter the Nested Patch of the Object.
  6. Search for Grayscale material on your Patches -list.
  7. Add it to the editor.
  8. Connect the Grayscale material to the Material -slot of the Mesh -object.
  9. Connect the Texture to the "the texture" input of Grayscale material.
  10. You can, if you want to, open the Grayscale material -nested patch and tweak the various sliders to your taste.