Uploading 3D Objects to Patches - Part 1

This tutorial explains how to download a 3D model from Sketchfab, how to optimize it in Blender, and how upload it into Patches.


Download 3D Models

Find and download a 3D model from Sketchfab
Search for an object by typing the name to the search bar at the top.

Search bar

In this example the search target is a table.
When you see the results, click on the View all results link.

First results and the "view all results" link above them

Now you can see more search results. To make sure the object is downloadable, click on the Filters link at the top right corner above the search results.

Search results and Filters link at the top right corner

This opens a list of filter options for the search. Click on Features and check the Downloadable option.

Features > Downloadable

Now the results only show downloadable models, which you can use for your Patches project.

When choosing a model to download, the best file format is obj but other formats like blend or fbx can work as well, because they will be imported to Blender for editing. You can see the file format under Download Info at the 3D model page.

Model page

Download the model by clicking on the blue Download button below the preview.

Unzip the download file into a folder. Some downloads might include texture maps, others might only have the 3D model. This example includes textures.

Files for the model

To check how the model looks like, download and open Blender 3D software.

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