Managing your Projects in Patches

If you're a power user of Patches, your user page has probably been getting pretty cluttered with all of your test projects. We still have some way to go, but we've just introduced some improvements to help you manage your projects, and control what you show publicly, and what you keep private. There have been quite a few changes, so we thought it best to explain what's new and how it can help you.

Getting Set Up

If you visit your user page, while logged in, in my case, that's you'll see a new tab labelled Account Settings.

A view of Account Settings

From here, we can:

  • add your name, used for a nicer appearance in Chat and on your user page
  • change your password
  • change your email address
  • add a short bio
  • put a link to your site, twitter, dribble, behance or whatever you like
  • set a user avatar, best above 200px square
  • add a background for your user page, best at 1400 x 450px
  • set the default publish type to public or private. This can be overridden from the Publish dialogue.
  • sign out or delete your account

Manage Privacy

It's not the perfect solution yet, but for now, we've divided Projects into Public & Private types. Public will show on your public page whenever someone visits it. Private is for drafts and sketches you are working on and would like to keep to yourself.

You still need to publish these (which is a bit odd) but you should keep the switch set to Private when you do. If you want to always make everything public the preference in Settings will allow you to make this your default. From your user page, you can also just create a project as one of those types from the start.

A view of Public and Private projects

Trashing Stuff

Finally, we've also introduced some file management tools to the project tiles themselves. If you mouseover a project tile while logged in you'll see some new options. The trashcan icon allows you to delete old projects (yay!), while the switch allows you to make public projects private and vice versa.

Project Management

This is very much a first iteration of these tools, so we'll be rolling out some more polish and changes again soon. Meantime, if you have any suggestions about improving things, I'd love to hear from you. You can find me on our Slack or you can email me directly — Matt at