HTC Vive controllers in Patches

Patches now supports the HTC Vive controllers right out of the box.

If you have your Vive plugged in, and are using a WebVR capable browser, the only thing you need to do is start Patches and add a patch called HTC Vive controllers. It should be a purple nested patch in the Interaction category. Then you connect the left hand and right hand ports to the scene patch. Check out the GIF below for how to do it.

Adding a HTC Vive controller to your patch

After this you should be able to pick up and see the controllers in your scene. For easiest setup, use this Patches project which already has the controllers added to it.

Here's a short video of what the controllers look like in Patches:

In the Vive Controllers patch you then have output ports for all the different buttons of the controllers, which of course you can connect to things in your scene to make things interactive.

If you navigate inside the Vive Controllers patch, and further into Vive Controller patch, you can find the 3D Geometry Loader that loads the actual controller 3D model. By hitting the Change-button there you can swap the controllers to any 3D model you like.

The triggers and touchpads are float values, the other buttons are booleans. If the controller icons don't appear right away, try clicking one of their buttons first.

Have fun experimenting!