How to upload a 360 photo

1: Load this template:

2: Push Tab, and click on the Pen icon on the photo.

3: Select the Upload tab.

4: Browse to your photo and click Upload.

That's it. If you want to share your photo, just click Publish on the top right corner.

Why upload 360 photos to Patches?

With Patches you can easily share 360 photos on the web. You can embed them on your website or share them in social media.

Embedding looks like this:

Or you can just get a nice link for sharing, like this:

Doing cool things with your 360 photos

Using Patches, you can add effects or interactivity to your photos. You can program different types of VR galleries, VR slideshows and full on VR experiences using 360 photos.

Check out some examples:

How to take 360 photos?

There's a lot of cool ways to take 360 photos today. On Android you can use Google's "Google Camera" app, which automatically stitches together a sphere of photos. These can result in a quite high res nice images, depending on the camera on your phone.

There's also affordable 360 cameras such as Ricoh Theta S and the Samsung Gear 360. With these you can get a spherical image with just one click of a button. We have the Theta, and it's really fun.

If you don't want to take your own and just want to play around, there's also a lot free ones available on various websites.