Creating Animation in Vizor

Vizor does not have any tools for creating keyframe animations natively yet but this doesn't mean you cannot build animations with it! As it is built on top of the three.js library, it supports all the options in three.js, including boned, keyframe and morph animations.

In this tutorial, illustrator Jeremy Edelblut takes us through his process for importing keyframed animations from Blender.

Along the way, he will look at how to:

  • setting up Blender to export to the threejs JSON format
  • prepping your model & material for export to Vizor
  • importing your animation to a Vizor project
  • importing your material & applying it

He also has some tips on setting things up in Blender to get your models to import properly in Vizor.

Here is his published Vizor project:

Here are the resources for the tutorial.

  • download the assets for the Blender project here
  • get the Blender JSON importer from the three.js Github
  • download Blender here if you need it

If you need some help, you can always ask us in the Vizor chat or over on our Slack channel.